i spent my 4th in the prettiest forest in the world


Retro sci-fi landscapes.

Artists, in order: Jim Burns, Roger Dean, Bruce Pennington, Tim White, Michael Bohme, Chris Moore, Paul Lehr, Rodney Matthews, Chris Foss, and John Harris.

Out of depth


on this road the bus drives straight towards the sea today it doesn’t stop but carries on over the roundabout busts the fence ploughs through the sand into the surf i calculate

there are eight of us on the bus plus the driver who is as stuck to his seat as we are ears pop hair becomes sentient dusts from landlocked roads rise in bubbles we watch kelp undulate

with the swell our posessions float to the top of the bus stay trapped under rusts layer wide eyes watch snapper cards tumble it’s about this time i think i should reevaluate

my policy of taking public transport this incident is a drop in the safety record we are drops in the ocean see gusts push windsurfers above us shall we sleep it’s a date


"Sit next to the boy you think is the cutest."

Donnie Darko (2001)


Drawing on a train gives you a wiggly line.